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    Meet Jackie Duckson
    CEO + Founder of Pink on Top LLC

    It’s amazing what a little quiet time will allow you to do, or dream. I had an idea for a product that would help women everywhere deal with sweat rolling down the center of their chest. I am a retired US Army Veteran who knows a little something about sweating, I recall sweating it out in the hot heat, in full uniform was... in a word: Miserable. 

    After looking for a solution, I decided to create it myself. You know what they say, "A job worth doing, is worth doing well." and long story short: Top Curves was born.

    Why I love Top Curves

    “For me, I love using my Top Curves while working out and when I’m out and about in the sun and I know sweat is in my future. I created Top Curves to be discreet and comfortable, nuzzled up next to your skin. I continue to find it helpful to have a spare in my gym bag or in my car.”