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    Our Fan Photos!

    • 1 min read

    Hi Everyone, Pink on Top is overjoyed to have you as a loyal fan. Welcome!

    First and FOREMOST, I would like to appeal to all those who have joined to end Boob Sweat. Please share what you think would be the best color choice or patterned color choice for your next Top Curves. Hmmm, will it be desert cammo, or Azul blue, maybe some cougar stripes. You tell me, and who knows, you may see those choices online. Yesssss honey, two snaps and around the world!

    Your Pics HERE!! Yes, I am talking to you. Send in your cutest or sweatiest photo with your Top Curves. Show the people you are not afraid to sweat and you will not be bothered by the sweat. Top Curves handling that…bye Felicia A-K-A Sweat.