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    Are You Consumed With Your Weight Or Size?

    • 3 min read

    Let’s admit it ladies, no matter how comfortable we are with our bodies there are times we catch ourselves wishing we could change a few things (or maybe more than a few). It’s especially tough around the holiday season when cute party clothes and delicious food are both in style. Have you noticed thoughts of “if I could only go down a size…” or “I would look so much better if I lost five pounds” bouncing around your head?

    Of course, living a healthy lifestyle is important (I’m not discrediting that!), but being mentally healthy about the way we look is essential, too. Here are five tips when you know you’re eating right and working out but can’t seem to get over those thoughts that you don’t “look how you should”:

    Focus on areas you are proud of

    Instead of fixating on the parts of your body you wish you could change, focus on the areas that you’re proud of. Think about how much more confident you feel in shorts since you started jogging. Even if you get irritated by the sweat gathering betwixt your lady parts while getting your super woman workout on, oh by the way there’s a remedy for that, Top Curves (purchase at Or think about how much your skin has improved since you started drinking more water. Focusing on what you do like or what you’ve worked hard to achieve so far will remind you of where you started and give you positive reinforcement to maintain your new habits or keep pushing for more!

    Concentrate on how you feel

    Concentrate on how you feel versus what you see in the mirror. I’m not necessarily talking about how much breast sweat is pooling up in your sports bra when you’re doing your abdominal, upper body, or leg routine (there are ways to control breast sweat, for example, use Top Curves (purchase at I mean appreciating what your body allows you to do every day. For example, you could run 5 miles a day and never be considered “thin”, but knowing your body has the strength and ability to do the physical activities you enjoy is what’s most important. No one may fit the “ideal”, but what’s important is that you’re taking steps to make a healthier version of yourself.

    Be positive

    Turn your negative energy against yourself into something positive for someone else. Do you notice your friend at work seems like she has something on her mind? Buy her a coffee and chat about it or pay her a compliment. Doing something nice for someone will remind you that you’re wonderful for more reasons than just what you see in the mirror.

    Fight the urge to give in to those negative thoughts!

    When you’re feeling a little self-conscious about how you look, you might often find yourself snacking more or making less healthy decisions to try to alleviate some of that stress. And surprise, it may only make you feel more self-conscious in the long run. Try instead to use the stress as positive motivation. Feeling overwhelmed at work? Take a five minute walk down the hall to reset your motivation and your endorphins. Or maybe you notice that you’re having one of those days where all you can think about is your size or weight. Make the conscious decision to treat yourself to a healthy and delicious snack or meal instead of overindulging in sweets. Buy yourself a cute outfit that you can’t wait to wear to your next workout/workout class and be sure to include getting your Top Curves to keep boob sweat at bay (purchase Top Curves at Or all of the above!

    Do something you love

    Put on your favorite outfit or that song you can’t stop listening to for a solo dance party and enjoy feeling alive and in charge of your body. Doing something that you love or wearing something that always makes you feel beautiful will boost your self-confidence, especially when you see how people respond. They’re enjoying your energy and personality, not how much you weigh.

    So if you find yourself consumed with your weight or size, try to look beyond what’s right in front of you. Think of the suggestions mentioned in this blog whether it is focusing on areas you are proud of, concentrating how you feel, being positive, fighting the urge to give in to negative thoughts, or doing something you love. And then take action. If some of that action includes sweating, get Top Curves to keep your action dry (purchase at  Hopefully, this will help you on your journey of looking beyond.