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    12 Tips On How To Deal With Boob Sweat

    • 3 min read

    Many of us know all too well the uncomfortable, sticky feeling caused by boob sweat on a hot day or during a tough workout. In addition to the discomfort and embarrassing wetness, boob sweat can also cause rashes, skin irritation, itchiness, and an overgrowth of yeast. Sweat between the breasts can affect all women regardless of boob size due to the heat that gets trapped under the bra, which is then alleviated by sweating to cool off.

    This sweat from working out or being out on a hot day tends to collect under the breasts, and the salt that is naturally in sweat can break down the delicate skin in that area over time. Combating the moisture that comes with boob sweat is your best bet for keeping irritation at bay, this summer and year-round.

    Try these 12 Tips on How to Deal With Boob Sweat

    1. Use an antiperspirant. Apply just a little your breasts and in your cleavage. Some women have noticed decreased moisture after trying this with either regular antiperspirant or products specifically geared toward boob sweat.                                                   

    2. Wear flowy tops. This allows air to flow through and will not restrict or trap heat against your body. Consider avoiding tight garments on hot days.

    3. Wear dark clothes or busy patterns. Similar to sweat stains under the arms, boob sweat can cause embarrassing marks on clothing. Black, navy or busy floral patterns work great to hide boob sweat.

    4. Apply talc powder or cornstarch under your breasts. These products help dry out sweaty areas under the breasts, and remember to apply when the skin is dry. Find what works for you based on how your skin reacts to a new product.

    5. Stuff your bra. This might sound strange, but thin panty liners, paper towels, or tissue paper will soak up boob sweat. This can be uncomfortable, especially while active, and don’t forget to switch them out often.

    6. Avoid bras with padding. The extra padding can trap heat, causing even more boob sweat. Plus, the padding actually soaks up sweat and result in stains on your favorite bras and tops.

    7. Consider trying essential oils. Oils like argan and lavender have been know to help stop boob sweat and curb unpleasant odors associated with it.  Apply small amounts as needed and test first to make sure your skin doesn’t have a reaction to the oil.

    8. Unhook your bra. When you’re not walking around in public or are back home at the end of the day, give your breasts a break and unhook your bra, especially if it has an underwire. It will allow air to get under the breasts, helping cool the area and dry up sweat.

    9. Wash and dry breasts thoroughly. Wash with a deodorant soap, which will help kill any lingering bacteria and then dry the skin fully.

    10. Wash your bras often. If you regularly deal with boob sweat, chances are your bras have some moisture, yeast, or bacteria hiding in them. When you wash them, it’s much less likely that they will harbor anything that will cause odor or irritation.

    11. Choose materials wisely. Avoid clothing made of silk or satin. They show sweat easily and even worse, they show spots and rings left by sweat that has dried. Instead, opt for cotton clothing because it is breathable and doesn’t show sweat in such an obvious way.

    12. Use Top Curves. This durable, discreet, and convenient product is designed to wick away sweat. It is comfortable and keeps embarrassing stains at bay by absorbing sweat and releasing heat. Even better, it adjusts to any type of bra you’re wearing and is still effective because of its innovative design and breathable materials.